Yankee Candle – Candle and Candle Melts Haul

I am just dipping my feet into the world of aromatic candles and since tomorrow is Diwali, th festival of lights, I decided to buy a few candle melts and small candles from the popular brand Yankee Candle! There is a store in the apartment complex I used to live in and they sell various products from Yankee Candle, Dr. Bonner’s, Aromatica etc. I did buy something many months ago but I still haven’t used them up. Candles melts take forever and I ran out of the tea lights to burn them up. So this time I picked a few candles to light them specifically on Diwali!

yankee candle haul

Yankee Candle Haul – Candles and Candle melts!

Yankee Candle haul:


  • Beach Flowers
  • Loves Me, Loves Me Not
  • Summer Scoop

Candle melts:

  • Sage & Citrus
  • Midsummer’s Night

Free Gifts: 2 Dr. Bonners Hemp Sandalwood & Jasmine Pure-Castile Soap sachets (10 ml)

I had not heard about Dr Bonner’s brand until recently after a little bit of research, I have come to know that it is a well known brand. I have also seen their products specially the Pure Castile soaps in Olive Young stores. I will find out more and see what I can try from their products. The Pure Castile soaps contain very few ingredients and are SLS free so they are good for the skin and the earth! And before this sounds like an ad, I should stop 🙂

I have picked the candles based on how they smelled but I know from experience that I may not end up liking them when I actually burn them. Does this happen only with candle melts? I totally did not like the candle melts I bought last time which is probably the reason I did not finish them completely! They are pricey so I will not discard them (my middle class upbringing comes up here, and I am proud of that) so we’ll see how and when that happens!

Do you like using Aromatic candles? Which one is your favorite from Yankee Candle?

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